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Bathroom Remodel: North St. Petersburg, Florida

Phill's Home Construction has just about completed a bathroom remodel for this stunning home in North Saint Petersburg. So far a new impact window has been installed along with brand new tile for the bathroom floor & shower walls and fresh paint.

Up next we will install a new tub, toilet, double vanity with sinks, new light fixtures, bathroom cabinets with shelves, an exhaust fan and this project is complete! Stay tuned for the next blog post of this project as we get closer to the final stages.



Phill's Home Construction is exited to present to you the completion of this North Saint Petersburg bathroom remodel. Check out the pics displayed below. This bathroom has been remodeled with new tile flooring and shower tile, fresh paint, double sinks and vanities, all new plumbing fixtures, a new tub, new toilet, all new light fixtures and a new impact window. We are excited to bring this dream to reality and this bathroom is now live in ready!


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