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"How to Maximize Space and Design in a One-Bathroom Home Remodel"

We are keeping it in the family on this project! Phill's Home Construction was referred to this expert seeking home owner by her mom :) "Mother Knows Best"... Mom absolutely loved the new Bathroom Oasis Phill's completed in her home and knew we were the

right contractor for her daughter's home.

Grimy- outdated- bright green bathroom, was what this family was subject to daily.

This is not the way to start your day, gloomy bathroom blues...

The lack of bathroom efficiency due to poor ventilation, its size and deterioration

is not only drab, it is a respiratory health risk.

But wait, Phill's Home Construction to the rescue with solutions!

We completely removed all of the old walls, old fixtures, finishes and trims.

Others would call this, "Demolition Phase".

Not only did we remove all of the old smelly drywall and debris, we cleaned the entire area and then installed the proper insulation so that the bathroom would be brought up to code with the City of St. Petersburg- the governing municipality we received the building permit from. Our electricians updated the wiring and installed two recessed lights for the bathtub area as well as new switches to control the now, 4 sets of lighting including exhaust fan.

This home owner now has a modern LED Lighted vanity mirror, and updated light fixture

over the New Quartz stone countertop vanity.

Just look at new Fresh, Sleek Home Bathroom. This family may now have an uplifting start of the day. Walk in and breathe the clean air and indulge in the bright soothing light.

Phill's tile craftsmen, laid Modern pristine tiles with an oversize niche box. Our expert plumbers updated the bathroom plumbing and installed the finishing trims that were hand selected by the home owner. LED lighting are installed and so are the cool LED lite mirrors. The floor tile is an all time classic, boasting the still popular gray and white finish.

Check out the modern Honeycomb Shaped floor tiles. The mix of textures and lines are trending this year. Notice we increased shelving by adding 3 linear Floating Selves... Nice Nice.

Glide through the New Bathroom and in just for a few moments, escape the cares of what's out there on the other side of its door. to learn more about

how our family may serve your family to have the home you deserve. 727.422.2878.


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