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North St.Petersburg (Downtown), FL Bathroom Remodel

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Post Update 1

Phill's Home construction has just about completed this bathroom remodel for this cozy home in Downtown St.Petersburg, Florida. Take a look at the detailed work displayed below. To catch you up on this small project the bathroom walls have been freshly painted and the bathroom has been installed with a new tile floor, new shower tile & curved shower pan, a new toilet, new sink & vanity, new light fixture and a new exhaust fan. With just a few finish touches to go (Installation for the sink/shower faucet, medicine cabinet & mirror) this bathroom will be complete and user friendly. Stay tuned for the final reveal very soon!!!

Post Update Final

Phill's Home Construction has finally completed this unique bathroom remodel in downtown St.Petersburg, check out pics of the final reveal below!!! Just in case you missed out you can take a look above at post update 1 to view the work in progress for this project.

This bathroom has been installed with new tile on the floor and shower walls, a new vanity and sink, all new faucets for the sink and shower, a new toilet, new mirrors, a new curved sliding shower glass door, a shower niche box, a new light fixture and a fresh coat of paint to brighten it all up. Phill's Home Construction is so excited to reveal many more projects upcoming, stay tuned!!!

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