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North Saint Petersburg Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

(Post Update 1 Before Demolition)

Phill's Home Construction has just begun a new project! That's right you guessed it, a kitchen remodel! This spacious kitchen will be updated with all new kitchen cabinets, new counter tops, new faucet, new sink, all new appliances and the best part is we will be extending the kitchen wall to give this family an even larger kitchen. Stay tuned as this dream kitchen for this family unfolds into reality!!!

(Post Update 2 After Demolition)

Phill's Home Construction has just completed the demolition for this spacious kitchen remodel in North St.Petersburg! The next phase of this project will be to reconfigure the plumbing and electrical and await inspection approval from the City of Saint Petersburg.

Just wait until you see the new custom shaker cabinets, new granite countertops and new kitchen Island installed, this kitchen is going to be absolutely beautiful! As you can see within the pics displayed below the wall leading to the foyer and living room area has been demoed. There will be a new wall build extended by a couple feet between the kitchen and living room making the kitchen much more spacious for this family, they are so excited and so are we! Stay tuned for future updates on this amazing kitchen remodel!!!!

Post Update 3 After Flooring and Cabinet Installation

Phill's Home Construction is excited to share the next phase of this North Saint Petersburg Kitchen Remodel! The electrical, drywall, paint, flooring and cabinets installation have now been completed. Next, we will complete the plumbing trim out and installation of countertops, appliances and the pantry door. This kitchen is almost use ready, stay tuned for the final reveal!!!

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