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Stucco Repair with Phills Home Constuction on Terra Verde Beach, FL

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Our stucco repair job on Tierra Verde Beach, Florida is entering the final stage of completion! In case you missed out on our last blog post, we'll go over the details now. First, we removed the water damaged stucco. Once we removed the water damaged stucco, we were quickly able to identify the sources of the water leaks on the inside of the home. Jacks were applied to support the structure of this 3 story home and to replace micro llam beams. We then proceeded to replace the water damaged plywood/sheeting and wire lath.

Next we applied the stucco to match the texture of the house. When the stucco has cured we will finish this job by painting the home to coordinate with it's original paint color. Stay tuned for the final eye catching phase 3 of this project!

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